It’s all over my shoes

S-Laurier stomping in puddle

You’ve stepped in it. It’s stuck on your shoes. You can smell it, and, it lingers. You’ve even touched it. You’ve experienced it and it makes you want to step in it again and again. The power of Mother Nature – to stand in her perfect form; to smell life and death; to feel her energy; to witness her splendor and experience her mystical energy. Nature rejuvenates. The power of her innocence stops you where you stand. Her beauty takes your breath away. She creates ease, soothes your mind, stabilizes your emotions leaving you feeling connected to everything. In her presence all that matters is that moment of your experience.

So see her out, then stay awhile. Notice her sensuality. Feel the embrace. She is wise and has many years experience. As you respond to her, notice your thoughts, your emotions, your energy, your truth. Then, as you return to your daily earth walk, carry the insights you’ve gained from her wisdom. As they merge with your thoughts be open allowing the message of your truth to penetrate your heart. Feel the strength as you understand why you are here and what gift you have to give. You have been revitalized. And, if not, at least you should be relaxed.



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